12445 62nd St Unit #301 Largo, FL 33773 Discipleship class Tues 7pm, Worship service Friday 7pm

Our vision

Our vision is to see every member of the body of Christ become a healthy and contributing part of what Jesus calls His church; a church established and set in order where Jesus is the head and His people are the body, where Jesus is in charge and His people obey. A church of many congregations, diverse in all areas, uncompromising in truth, united in love, and a lighthouse to this city. A people; prepared, equipped, purposed, focused, and submitted, to be the hands, feet, legs, eyes, mouthpiece, and heart of the Jesus they love.

We believe our part in helping to bring this about is to be;

• A prophetic voice of support, strength and encouragement to existing and upcoming leadership.

• An equipping ministry that helps believers discover their specific gifts and mature in those gifts through mentoring, training, teaching, and practical application.

• A place of gathering for all believers for a time of prayer, music and messages that will strengthen, refresh, refuel and ignite the passion within.

• A place of healing and deliverance where the presence of the Holy Spirit is welcomed, respected and free to minister with order and not restraint.

• A refuge for the spiritually exhausted and wounded where they will be loved, protected, equipped, and strengthened to return to their position of assignment.

• A place where the entire equipping ministry that has been set in the church by Jesus, has the freedom to flow through the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher for the equipping of the Saints so that they may do the work of the ministry as they mature and take on the nature of the very One they are called to be an ambassador for, Jesus!

• A place where ministries are discovered, birthed and supported as our faithfulness to make disciples produces fruit.

• A place where you will know we are disciples of Jesus because of the love we have for one another!

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