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What is Narrowgate?

NarrowGate is a place of transformation where respect and honor are highly valued!

Where people grow, and love is real, taught, and practiced!

Where offense dies, and dysfunction is challenged, purged, and eliminated!


A place of peace, a place of war, a place of challenge,

And a place of VICTORIOUS laughter!

A place of training, a place of equipping

Where people are real and their lives look the same on Mon Tues Wed and beyond!


It’s a place of safety for the authentic you, and of horror for the fake!

A place where fear trembles and courage pumps iron!

A place of honesty, a place of authenticity, where masks are melted,

and jewels are polished!


A place of validation, a place of rest, a place where all you are meant to be is called forth and made its best!


A place where the authentic you is validated, and the old you finds no place to hide!

A place where your tears of relinquishment are celebrated

And your tears of frustration are given no place of comfort!


A place where truth reigns supreme, a place of launching, a place of undergirding.

A place where transformed lives of others are our mission!

Where callings are realized,

And commissions are granted in partnership with the Lord.


A place where all you have asked God to give you, He trains you to receive!


What is NarrowGate?


It’s an equipping machine, a master of sculpting, where Jesus reigns, and the Holy Spirit is respected above all else, a place where God’s people are given the opportunity to be chiseled one little piece of the flesh at a time into a vessel of honor, a warrior for the Kingdom, and a fully healthy contributing member of the body of Christ! 

 What is NarrowGate?

It’s a training ground, an equipping center, a body of believers who will accept nothing less than Jesus Christ and His Righteousness!  It will speak life to your destiny and death to your complacency; it will challenge your calling and annihilate your enemy!  It will make you scream and it will make you laugh but a neutral response no spirit alive to God will ever express!  A place for the serious, the committed, the yielded, and ultimately the “LIVING FREE”!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is NarrowGate?

Friends of God who choose to be servants and are faithful

to the commission of their King!

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