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Our Vision

…. Unity!

NarrowGate’s vision is to see the corporate Church of Jesus Christ function as a cohesive unit expressing to the world authentic faith in what Jesus accomplished and the transformation only He can give.


  • Imagine a people unified in purpose, motivated by loved, and equipped and trained to do the works He did when He walked the Earth.


  • Imagine a people established and set in order; rightly connected to Him as the Head, where He is not just in charge but also in control.


  • Imagine a people who the world will recognize by the LOVE they have for one another.


  • Imagine a people of many congregations, diverse in expression, uncompromising in truth, united in love, and a lighthouse to this world. A people; prepared, equipped, purposed, focused, and submitted, to be the hands, feet, legs, eyes, mouthpiece, and heartbeat of the Jesus they represent.


  • Imagine a people who, when they arrive on the scene, miracles happen, peace manifests, hope is contagious, words of knowledge and wisdom flow, darkness flees, and it is said of them as it was said of those who came before them, “those who have come to turn the world upside down, have come here too”! Acts 17:6


Just Imagine ……Our Vision is to do our part to see that day!

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